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Good morning parents and friends,

The month of August is over. Time flies! I just spent two full weeks at SFU, surrounded by teachers from Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver and Vancouver. It was a truly inspiring time for us all as we spent our days discussing current trends in Education and learning more about technology. This part of my learning journey is now over and I look forward to my last year of Graduate studies, which will begin in the middle of September.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Government and the BCTF haven’t reached an agreement. Although I continue to hear negative comments towards teachers, I am keeping my head up. I value Public Education and will continue to fight for my students. It is an extremely complex story which involves two court cases and an appeal to the second court case ruling.

One of my main concerns, aside from class size and composition, is that the Government is trying to impose the E80 clause to our contract. If you would like to know more about it, click on this link.


This following info may also be of interest to you:

1) Keeping informed: If you would like to know more about current events, I encourage you to visit the following website: Protect Public Education. The people behind this project are also very active on Facebook. Make sure to look at the “Groups to Join” tab if you’d like to access their discussions on Facebook.

2) Class Size & Composition: One of the main issues being discussed right now is “Class Size & Composition”. To help you understand this better, I am sharing another document with you. It has been created by a teacher from Mission, who has been collecting data from teachers across the province. What you will find in this document is our reality.

Class size & Composition : what you won’t hear about in the media

3) BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils: a letter has been sent to Vince Ready, on behalf of BC parents. They claim that it represents 81% of the parent population. If you agree or disagree with this, I encourage you to speak up by visiting the BCCPAC Facebook page or by tweeting about them. I’ve heard that they often delete negative comments from their Facebook page so Twitter may be a better alternative.


I hope an agreement is reached very soon so that I can focus on what I love best! In the meantime, I will continue reading, sewing and dreaming. I just finished Eleanor & Park (young adult novel & over), which I strongly recommend, and just started reading Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire.

Enjoy Labour Day and thanks again for all your support!




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Since I can’t find books for each of my students, I took a picture of this great display instead.

We’re in Portland, spending time in Powell’s Books… So exciting!




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To all my cat lover students… :-)



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Sam should like this novel… :-)



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This should make Nico and Caterina smile… :-)