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We just began a unit on nutrition. Many years ago, I had the privilege to have a student whose mom worked for the BC Dairy Foundation. She delivered lessons to my class and I learned a great deal working with her.

To kick off this unit, I asked the students a few important questions. These are the skills that the students worked on today while working with a few classmates:

-collaborating with a group

-taking notes (each student was in charge of one question)

-reporting to a larger group

-speaking French with each other


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Inuit Museum

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I organised an Inuit museum last week. The VSB media centre has a lot of great artifacts that I borrowed for a week. I did this activity last year too and since it was a big hit with the students, I chose to repeat the experience again with Division 21 students. As usual, I like to modify and improve on the past work that I’ve done. I’m glad I did as this year was even better than last year.

To keep track of their learning, the students used a booklet I created for them. I will look at their responses this weekend and will send them home next week for you to look at. I also asked everyone to keep a “Wonder” page as many had questions after visiting each station. Asking good questions is a skill that was taught to them during term 2, with Ms. D, our resource teacher. The students know all about “deep” and “quick” questions. They also know that a question always ends with a question mark.

On Monday, everyone selected their top 5 questions. Here’s what came out of it. I took a picture of all the work that was submitted to me.


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School Performance

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There was a great performance this afternoon at school. Ask your child about it!

Here are two sites that may interest the students. Please note that the Flash version isn’t available on iPads.

The Blackfoot people

The Blackfoot Tipi





Name the Puppy Contest

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Here’s something fun for the students! Wouldn’t it be cool to visit the VPD’s dog squad facility?

Information can be found here. I will also announce the contest to the class on Monday. Feel free to email your ideas on your side too. It doesn’t look like there is a special form to fill in. The students have been working on writing letters. Writing an email would be a great addition to their skills. If you don’t know where to start when teaching your child how to write an email, this video can come in handy.

Emails can be sent to

Don’t forget to say which school you’re from!



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Good morning!

A quick note to let you know that Spring Registration has started at the Community Center.

Some of the activities offered are:




-Kathleen’s pottery




-Mario’s gymnastics

-Eric’s jujitsu



Have a great day! :-)